Front Panels and Enclosures


Product Finishing

CBT Technology offers a range of finishing options, including:

Surface Finish Comments Conductivity
Grained or Brushed Chromate Add overlays Conductive
Grained or Brushed Nickel Plated Add overlays Conductive
Grained or Brushed Anodized Silk Screening or Overlays Non-Conductive
Mill Chromate Add overlays Conductive
Mill Powder Coat paint Silk Screen your design Non-Conductive


Note: Aluminum requires finishing to prevent oxidation. Standard finish is chromate conversion, which provides a corrosion resistant, conductive surface. Nickel plating is also highly conductive and has been shown to improve EMI shielding effectiveness. However, nickel is often found to be on restricted usage in many applications – particularly for external surfaces.  Anodizing is preferable for panels where overlays and painting are not used, and where conductivity is not required.

NOTE: All of CBT Technology's standard finishing options are RoHS compliant with the exception of the yellow (gold) chromate.


Finishing capabilities

Product Finishing


Single or Multicolor; The perfect solution for a high quality aesthetic finish for your front panels or bezels; CBT Technology can also provide a recessed gallery on aluminum front panels to accommodate the polycarbonate overlay – insuring the edges will not be exposed.
Product Finishing


The most cost effective labeling process for front panels and enclosures. From setup charges to minimum lot sizes – silk-screening offers the most affordable options. Silk-screening can be applied to Chromate, Anodized, or painted surfaces.
Product Finishing

Paint (Powder Coat finish)

CBT Technology's in house powder coat process insures a high quality finish. Powder coat is a robust, hard finish- and is available in a range of textures. For special requirements – wet paint is also available upon request.
Product Finishing


For outside surfaces – anodizing provides a robust finish which helps to avoid fingerprints and other types of minor imperfections. Anodizing is non-conductive and should not be used on surfaces where gasketing is to be applied – or where EMI integrity is required.
Product Finishing


Chromating is applied to passivate metals including aluminium, zinc, copper, tin and their alloys to retard corrosion. Also known as alodine or chemical film – chromating is one of the most common processes used with aluminum front panels. Chromated surfaces are conductive and suitable for gasket application and emi shielding requirements.
Product Finishing


The most common process for sheet metal front panels such as Stainless Steel. Passivation is a cleaning process which results in the generation of a thin, transparent oxide film to the stainless surface – which further enhances the corrosion resistant properties. Details of the process are outlined in ASTM A 380
Product Finishing


This process is also known as brushing. The process involves brushes made of waved metal wires – which clean the surface of aluminum and eliminate extrusion lines, scratches, and marks. This process is done prior to any finishing process such as anodizing or chromating.
Product Finishing


For smaller components such as front panel handles, and hardware, overmolding is commonly required. Overmolding provides a surface which is easier to grasp and can improve the aesthetics. CBT Technology will work with suppliers to provide a wide range of colors and materials to meet your overmold requirements.