Front Panels and Enclosures


Design, Analysis, and Testing Services

CBT Technology provides a full range of technical services to assist you in developing the right packaging solution for your application. 

Applications Engineering

CBT Engineering

Involvement of CBT Technology's Applications Engineering team with your design team enables faster and more effective development of solutions, which meet the team's price and performance requirements.

Recognizing the need for strong competency in both design standards and manufacturing capabilities, we have assembled an experienced team of applications engineers, manufacturing specialists and market experts to work with customers. 

CBT Engineering

Key competencies include:

CBT Engineering  CBT Engineering    CBT Engineering

CBT Engineering  CBT Engineering

Our applications team will collaborate with you to optimize both design flexibility and feature functionality, creating solutions based on a part's essential functions.

You can rely on our experienced and accessible team to create solutions that not only meet or exceed marketplace expectations, but also deliver genuine cost savings through the use of our standard product options, customization capabilities, tooling options to meet a variety of volume scenarios, rapid and accurate prototyping, shortened manufacturing lead-times and a focus on continuous improvement and quality.

CAD – From Online Models to Custom Solutions –
3D Modeling Drives Efficiency

Taking advantage of the latest three-dimensional modeling systems - our engineers utilize model geometry to collaborate with customers on design, trouble-shoot, and then translate designs to fabrication. To facilitate your designs – we provide 3D STP Model files on line. These can easily be customized for your I/O, color, labeling, and finish requirements. Need a custom solution? No Problem. We will work with you to finalize the specifications – and then develop a concept design leveraging our design and applications expertise.

Platforms supported:

Note: Most other platforms have facilities for interchange of drawings via STP file format.

Design Complete – the next step is prototype development

Our commitment to creating and then using flexible designs facilitates rapid prototyping. Fast prototyping – facilitates timely review of the design, and enhancements /updates as needed to finalize your product – for fast TTM (Time to Market) Three-dimensional models and drawings generated in the design phase – will be updated with any necessary improvements or changes - quickly and cost effectively. Once a design has been finalized, we use the model to create any production tooling needed to support full production.  Our PDM (product data management system) insures accurate and complete control over the revisions and design changes throughout the process.


Testing and Simulation – keys to validating performance

From shock and vibration testing to an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) – we can provide the testing, and diagnostic analysis to insure your design works out of the box.  Specific capabilities include:


Transition to Production – DFM to insure cost effective, and consistently high quality products

Whether its an aluminum enclosure or a sheet metal front panel – our manufacturing engineering team reviews all designs for manufacturability, cost effectiveness, and the ability to produce a product consistently at a high level of quality.  Working closely with design and applications engineering – manufacturing engineering evaluates tooling, process steps,  and assembly requirements in detail – UP FRONT – to minimize any issues during production.