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CBT technology is the global Front Panel Source.

Whether you need components, standard panels, modified, or custom front panels, CBT Technology has the applications engineering, product development and manufacturing capabilities to support your needs. CBT Technology's custom aluminum front panels offer a wide range of design opportunities:

  • Can be designed with numerous features, including cable or connector supports
  • Optional square corners for a crisp look
  • Design in features, such as detents for overlays or labels, board holders or cable management
  • Include offsets or other features to accommodate improved EMI shielding
  • Cost effective high speed inline punching for volume production 
  • CNC machining for cutouts, special features or side 2 milling
  • Rugged/robust front panel design — particularly important for heavier boards or applications with high insertion force
  • Design in custom ‘look’ features, such as ribs
  • Accommodate side 2 covers/cans

CBT Technology's custom aluminum front panel solutions are designed for a range of markets and applications, including communications, enterprise/networking, medical, industrial/embedded and security/defense.

CBT technology's extrusions are made of 6005A aluminum.

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  Product Finish Size Ordering Information
Custom Front Panel Custom aluminum extruded front panels; robust, aesthestic design Standard Finish – Aluminum; Chromate with Vertical Grain 
Special Finishing Options – Powder Coat; Anodize/Chromate; Special Color Chromating
Labeling:  Silkscreening (single or multicolor), Mylar Overlays
Up to 20U high Custom

CBT’s Prototype Program is designed to help engineers quickly move from concept to product. Our dedicated Prototyping team will collaborate with you on design, manufacturability, and cost efficiency issues - with an eye to longer term production solutions. With a global footprint - we can support prototype requirements WHERE you need them. Whether it’s a custom sheet metal front panel or a custom extruded enclosure - our applications engineering team is ready to assist.

genesis prototyping program

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