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ADVANCED AMC (AMC) Hybrid Carriers



Accepts compact, mid- and full-size AMC’s

AMC Carriers – designed to meet YOUR application requirements. CBT Technology's AMC carrier designs provide the flexibility and robustness to handle the demanding ATCA performance requirements. The extruded aluminum design is robust and rigid – even in full up configurations. The die cast struts can handle the shock and vibration requirements easily. In addition, we can customize the carrier to meet your blade’s look and feel requirements with a range of finishing options.

Customized to meet your AMC configuration; accepts compact, mid- and full-size AMC’s; 8u 6hp 280mm deep design; rugged aluminum extruded design and die cast carrier components

Our applications engineering team will work with you to design an optimal configuration for your blade.  Whether its one full size AMC – or four mid-size AMC’s – we have the solution.

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  • Robust design features mechanically keyed component assembly
  • Integrated single-piece strut / card guide construction for optimum performance
  • Modular system allows full flexibility of the size, number, and location of AMC Bays
  • Lightweight, extruded aluminum profile
  • Snag-resistant gasket curb also enhances EMI integrity
  • Overlay gallery to ensure crisp aesthetics
  • Tapered lead-in on side flanges for smooth insertion
  • 1.5 mm thick face for robust connector retention and grounding
  • Custom I/O cutouts included
  • Maximum face area available for connector cutouts
  • Assembled and ready to attach to your carrier PCB Board
  • Includes Southco ATCA Style thumbscrews, alignment Pins, and ATCA style ejectors


  Product Finish Ordering Information
advancedMC Custom aluminum extruded AMC Carrier; 8U x 6HP X 280MM, designed to meet your AMC configuration requirements; front panel customization options
  • Standard finish: aluminum, chromate with vertical grain
  • Option: powder coating; special color chromating
  • Labeling – overlays and silkscreening; optional side 2 cover

CBT’s Prototype Program is designed to help engineers quickly move from concept to product. Our dedicated Prototyping team will collaborate with you on design, manufacturability, and cost efficiency issues - with an eye to longer term production solutions. With a global footprint - we can support prototype requirements WHERE you need them. Whether it’s a custom sheet metal front panel or a custom extruded enclosure - our applications engineering team is ready to assist.

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