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advanced mc (AMC) Xtractor


advancedMC extractor handle

The Perfect Tool for AdvancedMC Extraction

The Xtractor is the essential tool for AMC extraction by field service, manufacturing, test, and lab users. Removing AMC’s from MicroTCA chassis or AMC carriers can often be a challenging task — even under the best of circumstances. Cabling, close proximity of other boards, and the small surface area all serve to complicate the task.

The XTractor makes the task simple, fast, and error free — by simply grasping the handle hole with the ergonomic tool. The handle of the XTractor is ergonomically designed to facilitate AMC module extraction.

The handle can be customized (label, coloring) to reflect your company’s logo and branding requirements. Technicians and engineers in board testing in manufacturing, field service replacement, or lab/debugging scenarios — will all find the XTractor the perfect tool to improve efficiency and reduce extraction problems.

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  • Key chain for easy use with lanyards or clips
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  Product Finish Part Number
amc extractor AMC Xtractor Injection molded nylon handle; molded stainless steel hook (Pkg. of 10) 125474

CBT’s Prototype Program is designed to help engineers quickly move from concept to product. Our dedicated Prototyping team will collaborate with you on design, manufacturability, and cost efficiency issues - with an eye to longer term production solutions. With a global footprint - we can support prototype requirements WHERE you need them. Whether it’s a custom sheet metal front panel or a custom extruded enclosure - our applications engineering team is ready to assist.

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