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Rugged Card Cages

The rugged card frames are based on the unitized construction pioneered by CBT Technology. They are ideal for rugged commercial, industrial and military applications. The robust design provides up to 30% more area between card guides for improved cooling performance. In addition to the enhanced CONVECTION cooling, the all aluminum construction also provides the circuit boards a heat CONDUCTION path not possible with plastic card guides. No plastic components means no flexing, bending or breaking of card guides with better shock and vibration performance.

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – the products are shipped fully assembled and are available in all standard VME64X and CompactPCI configurations from 3 to 21 slots with circuit card depths from 160mm to 400mm. Optional IEEE1101.11 compliant transition module available for 80mm cards(other sizes supplied on special order).

The all extruded aluminum construction permits endless possibilities for custom non-standard variations.

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  • Rugged card cages designed to Mil-S-901, IEEE1101.10, IEEE1101.11, VITA41 or VITA46
  • COTS Designs
  • 30% more area between card guides for improved convection thermal performance
  • Aluminum card guides offer improved thermal conduction performnace
  • All aluminum housing construction and stainless steel hardware designed specifically for harsh environment applications
  • Can be supplied with customer specified backplanes


CBT’s Prototype Program is designed to help engineers quickly move from concept to product. Our dedicated Prototyping team will collaborate with you on design, manufacturability, and cost efficiency issues - with an eye to longer term production solutions. With a global footprint - we can support prototype requirements WHERE you need them. Whether it’s a custom sheet metal front panel or a custom extruded enclosure - our applications engineering team is ready to assist.

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