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CBT Technology

Defense and Security Markets

CBT Technology offers a broad range of products for Military/Defense/Aerospace applications. With a focus on ruggedized applications, CBT Technology products provide robust, proven packaging solutions for eurocard platforms including VPX, VME, and CPCI.

CBT focuses on the COTS (Commercial off the shelf) solutions for both open architecture and custom requirements.

As an active member of both VITA and PICMG, CBT is a leader in developing new industry standards for front panels, and we invest internal R & D to develop new products that comply with the latest industry standards. Our applications engineering team will assist you in solving thermal, vibration, and environmental challenges in your design!

Relevant mechanical packaging standards include:

Applications include Commercial Avionics, Defense Avionics, GPS /Tracking, Defense/Security Vehicular Electronics,Radar/Optical Sensors and Electronics.

Open Architecture solutions designed for Security and Defense applications include:

VPX handle
rugged front panel handles including a VPX handle
Extruded rugged card guide deck

From standard to customized solutions – from components to assemblies – our applications engineering team is ready to assist with your next project.

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