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Product News Releases

Prototype PCI Brackets in 5 Days
July, 2012
XTech EMC Enclosures - Protect and Shield Your Electronics
May, 2012
XTech MicroTCA Front Panels for Ruggedized Environments
May, 2012
PCI Express Brackets
April, 2012
Problem Solvers: XTech's IP54 Rated Extruded Aluminum Enclosures
January, 2012
XTech and Triple E VPX Handle Solutions, from COTS to Ruggedized
November 11, 2010
New XTech catalog now available
September 16, 2010
New "XTech's Genesis Prototype Program" Puts cPCI and VME Front Panels on the Fast Track
January 29, 2010
XTech launches the 2hp AMC Extender
September 10, 2009
XTech introduces unique XTractor for removing XTCA modules
September 4, 2009
XTech designs customizable extensions for managing wires and cables
February 2, 2009
XTech launches fastener-reinforced MicroTCA front panels
January 8, 2009
XTech introduces AMC and MicroTCA front panels with adjustable baffles
October 31, 2008
XTech introduces externally adjustable AMC baffle
July 12, 2008
XTech Introduces FMC Mounting System
Enables Merger of AMC and VITA 57/FMC Technology
April 18, 2008