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XTech EMC Enclosures – Protect and Shield Your Electronics

May 17th, 2012

Randolph, MA - With the ever increasing speeds of processors and buses such as PCI Express – meeting FCC and emission requirements becomes more challenging. Upgrade your enclosure solution to a shielded configuration with XTech's EMC "Tech Box" line of aluminum enclosures. Available in a range of sizes and shapes - off the shelf - the Tech Box line provides a rugged enclosure for applications such as repeaters, cameras, process controllers, sensors, and other embedded control requirements. The EMC foam gasketing provides both a shield and a seal to protect the electronics in the enclosure. Custom configurations/profiles are also available.

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For more details visit www.xtech-outside.com or call our applications engineering team at 1-888-444-1644

Laurie Burger, Chief Marketing Officer
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