About CBT Technology

Quality Above All

CBT Technology Quality Focus

Quality processes and a safe manufacturing environment are critical elements of our success. After embracing the ISO standards, we became one of the first firms in our industry to have our quality management system ISO certified.

Our quality system process has paid huge dividends! Delivery times have improved. Reject rates have been reduced dramatically. Returns from customers have decreased, and our vendor supply base has improved.

The CBT Technology factory environment also receives close attention within our Continuous Safety Improvement strategy. This employee-led program keeps the firm focused on ensuring safe working conditions and sensitivity to environmental issues.

CBT Technology ISO Certification

The quality system focuses on continuous improvement.  We engage all employees in quality and improvement through cell level metrics, continuous improvement teams, quality training.  All employees are trained in the "don't make a bad part, don't pass a bad part" philosophy. 

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Quality Policy

Our company policy is "Continuous Quality Improvement" (CQI) and respect for all interested parties. It is described in the following principles:

The policy is explained and discussed at the general orientation training given to all existing and new employees. The policy is also posted in conspicuous locations throughout the company.