About CBT Technology


Mission / Core values

CBT Technology is the leading global supplier of front panels, enclosures and accessories for circuit-board mounting systems in the electronics, defense/security, and communications industry.

We are committed to addressing our customer's needs for products and services through collaboration, understanding, and support (Customer Intimacy). We operate with a passion for simplicity, FLOW, disciplined teamwork, relentless continuous improvement and process focus (Operational Excellence) and maintain Product Leadership with our innovation-focused “out of the box” mindset.

CBT Technology Core Values - SPIRIT

Safety - Work safely and maintain a safe environment.

Personal Relationships - Develop personal relationships with customers, employees and vendors. Communicate with each in a meaningful way, in person if possible, to learn what is valuable and important to each and deliver that value.

Improvement - Live LEAN! Flow information and flow material. Improve every part, every task, every day. Do the job right and on time with high quality.

Respectful - Demonstrate respect for fellow employees, customers, vendors, and others with polite and considerate interactions at all times. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

I am the President of My job - Each employee has the responsibility to suggest improvements and make changes that positively impact achievement of their individual performance goals. Supply energy, ideas, innovation and passion.

Thoughtful - Disciplined processes and people, using data to make informed decisions; metrics and data driving output.