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The Legend of Simon Cowell and Jimmy Buffet

by Steve Richardson

A Tale of the Hybrid Air/Conduction Cooled MicroTCA.2  Specification


When American Idol judge Simon Cowell uttered the phrase, “to be absolutely honest,” this was most often followed by a no-holds-barred critique, designed to pierce and punch as many holes in a hopeful Idol contestant’s ego and performance as possible.

Conversely, we tend to view singer-songwriter, Jimmy Buffet, as having a crowd of sixty to seventy thousand rabid fans parroting the chorus “Fins to the left and Fins to the right” in obvious delusional delight during any one of his annual concert tours. (I count myself as one of those multigenerational Parrotheads.) Continue reading

CBT Technology Inc. – The 3 W’s: What? Why? When?

We are ‘interrupting’ the ongoing Design Innovation blog series this month to highlight an exciting event at our company.

On October 3rd, amid much fanfare, we announced the launch of CBT Technology, Inc.  This was an important next step for us – to finally break ‘out of the extruded’ box.  Continue reading

When is an AMC Front Panel Assembly Like the Royal Wedding?

When it has something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue
Steve Richardson

I’ve always wanted to do a couple of things to enhance the performance and reliability of AMC and MicroTCA modules.  Remember the LED Release 1.0 configurations that were a linear array of 4 colored light pipe tips poking through the front panel? Continue reading